admissions DPU 013The majority of St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s surgical patients are admitted through the Day Procedure Unit (DPU), not directly to their room on a ward. Patients are then transferred to theatre and their ward bed after surgery.

Day Procedure Unit Manager Margaret Knowles says the process improves the unit’s ability to care for their patients appropriately.

“This way, patients are armed with the information they need so that they have a better understanding of what lies ahead,” says Ms Knowles.

If you are admitted through the Day Procedure Unit, please note the following:

  • go to the main hospital for directions
  • do not bring any pain relief medication
  • luggage is limited to one bag, with a weight restriction of 7kg
  • limit the number of people accompanying you to one support person
  • do not bring valuable items or cash with you, as the hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage
  • Your bag will be tagged and delivered to your room while you are having surgery
  • Your family/friends can bring any other belongings you need once you are settled in your room

Please call 9366 1136 for further information.

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