Our growthSt John of God Murdoch Hospital turns 20 this year and to celebrate, we will rediscover our history, celebrate our many achievements and look to what the future holds for us.

We trace our history back to the ministry of healing and care of the sick instituted by Jesus Christ. It was St John of God’s response to Christ’s call to continue that healing touch that gave rise to his work in 16th century Spain.

John devoted his life to alleviating human suffering, to comforting and soothing the afflicted, sick and dying. He recognised the injustice of those experiencing disadvantage and encouraged people to help others.

His was the same call that inspired the Sisters of St John of God in post-famine Ireland in 1871.

They arrived in Western Australia in 1895 to take care of those stricken by typhoid in the chaos of the gold rush.

When our hospital opened its doors on 8 March 1994, the vision of a unique hospital south of the river became a reality and it became our mission to continue the work of St John of God and the founding sisters.

Our values of hospitality, compassion, reOur growth - Wexford Murdoch - Final Render 17Oct2012spect, justice and excellence guide us in all we do – in our relationships with our patients, our community and with each other.

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