89793700Managing diabetes can be complicated so when patients are diagnosed with the condition in hospital, they are often unsure about how to treat their particular type of diabetes.

Many people with diabetes who are admitted to hospital for other reasons, such as pre-booked surgical procedures or unplanned medical conditions, are unaware of the impact of surgery, illness, certain medications and even stress can have on their blood glucose control.

Other patients are unaware they have diabetes and are first diagnosed with it in hospital and begin their treatment.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital’s Credentialled Diabetes Educator, (Clinical Specialist Nurse), Theresa Rose says the hospital has a high influx of people with diabetes and providing patients with tools to assist them in their diabetes journey is one of their goals.

“It’s not a one-off intervention; but an ongoing journey with challenges along the way,” says Ms Rose.

“The management of pre-existing or newly diagnosed diabetes should be patient centred and with a multidisciplinary team approach.”

“We are here to support our patients and provide them with the basic knowledge and skills in managing their diabetes as well as providing motivation and support to empower them, so they can make the necessary decisions and changes for a healthier life.”

Looking after your diabetes:
Work with your GP and check if you have an Enhanced Primary Care plan, which can be used for referral to other health care providers, such as:
• Diabetes Educator – for education information re: medications / insulin / blood glucose monitoring and other diabetes advice
• Dietitian – for review and education on healthy eating to work towards maintaining a healthy weight
• Podiatrist – for foot screening and regular checks
• Optometrist – for initial screening and ongoing eye care
• Pharmacist – for review of your medications / interactions / non-prescription medications
• Follow up with your GP as indicated for ongoing Blood Pressure checks, blood tests for Cholesterol, blood glucose / HbA1c and other indicated pathology, and recommended reviews
• Register with the NDSS and contact Diabetes WA to find out about diabetes programs and services
• Look after your mental health, look for ways to decrease stress, spend time with family and friends, spend time having fun and doing things that you like to do

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