164384724It’s normal for babies to be awake and fussy, especially in the evening. Crying is one way a baby communicates. Reasons for fussiness or crying may be hunger, wet nappy or being too hot or too cold. Sometimes babies just need to be held. Sometimes it is difficult to find out why a baby is crying.

Some tips to calm your baby may include:
• feed and hold baby with skin to skin contact
• gentle rocking motions helps baby relax, settle and go to sleep
• hold and cuddle baby in a rocking chair
• place baby in a front pack or sling and walk
• take baby for a ride in the stroller
• talk or sing to baby, helping baby to feel loved, safe and develop trust

If your baby’s crying starts to get you down, put baby in a safe place and give yourself a few minutes to calm down, if someone else is around ask them to help you by watching the baby while you take a few minutes time out.

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