Young woman practicing yogaThere are many reasons we may feel anxious or unsettled when we are in hospital. Sometimes our situation is so challenging that there is very little we can do to calm or allay our anxiety, but at other times, spending some time refocussing our thoughts or being intentional about our body awareness can be beneficial.

Quick relaxation
Lie or sit comfortably, and allow your breathing to become slow and even. Concentrate on your hands and arms. Don’t tense them. Just concentrate on allowing all the tension to drain away from them. Allow them to feel heavier and a little warmer. Continue concentrating like this on each part of your body in turn, in this order:
Hands and arms
Neck and head
Back and stomach
Legs and feet

Remember to continue to slow down and regulate your breathing. Let all the tension drain away, allowing your body to feel heavier and warmer, without tensing our straining in any way. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation you have produced for a few moments or more if you have time.

In your own time, with no rush, allow yourself to become more alert. You may like to try this exercise on a regular basis, when you become aware that you are feeling anxious.

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