?????????Surgeons are performing more knee replacements than ever before, and on increasingly younger patients.

Professor Piers Yates from Orthopaedics WA says it’s not unusual to see patients in their early forties in his waiting room with severely arthritic knees.

“This could be attributed to a combination of sporting injuries, a general increase in weight in our community, as well as a generation unwilling to put up with pain and disability,” says Professor Yates.

“New technology and techniques mean that surgery is less traumatic and recovery is faster.”

“However, joint replacement at a younger age is a very significant undertaking for the patient, and means that chances of further major surgery on the knee, when the first replacement eventually fails, is certain.”

Professor Yates is one of the first in Australia to use a new prosthesis on the market, named Attune, which he has been trialling for more than a year.

“What sets this prosthesis apart is the extensive research and trials that are behind its creation,” says Professor Yates.

“There are many surgical benefits and from a patient’s perspective, it delivers an excellent range of motion, optimises motion at the patello-femoral joint, minimises wear and improves stability throughout the range
of motion.”

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