ThinkstockPhotos-472072552smallShovelling in some food in the car on the way from somewhere to somewhere else. Picking up some take away on the way home because there’s just too little time to cook something. Mindlessly eating the last of the Tim Tams because you ate four, so why stop there?

Sound familiar?

Increasing numbers of us are putting on weight because we are eating hurriedly, mindlessly and making poor food choices.

Dietitian Dr Nikki Cummings from Optimal Nutrition and Exercise says it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet in our busy, and often stressful, lives.

“We are bombarded with advertisements, so-called “healthy” food products and confusing fad diets and so much of our packaged food is laden with hidden sugars and fats,” Dr Cummings says.

“This healthy eating information often changes too, so it’s impossible for the consumer to really understand what a healthy diet is.”

Dr Cummings says one of the problems with extreme diets is that the selection of foods from which you are allowed to eat is very narrow.

“There are so many rules which are impossible to follow and when we inevitably can’t stick to the diets, we feel guilty and we are back to square one.”

“But our health needs to be a priority; we need to pay attention to what and how much we are eating.”

“Find a balance – it’s ok to have chocolate every now and then – eat it, enjoy it and then move on.”

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