Room Service is now a normal part of being an inpatient at St John of God Murdoch. Each patient can now order from a wide menu over the phone anytime between 6.30am and 8pm. Best of all, all meals, snacks and drinks are included in your hospital fee!

Food and beverage is an integral part of healing and core to the overall patient experience. The Room Service menu now offered only at St John of God Murdoch has been designed with you in mind, ensuring you not only receive the best nutrition during your stay with us, but that you truly enjoy your meals.

Adhering to national nutritional standards and working closely with our chefs, this menu has been personally designed by our senior dietitians.

Taste, texture, nutritional profile, allergens and ease of supply were all considered before food items were added to this menu.

Our chefs and dietitians have ensured that dishes can be easily modified to suit multiple diet types and allergy requirements without compromising on taste and presentation. It was important to the team that we were able to provide a menu to patients on therapeutic or modified diets that was as close as possible to the main menu.  

From healthy salads, stirfrys and sandwiches, to in-between treats and a sneaky burger and fries, the caregiver at Murdoch room service are here to help you enjoy your stay.

How does it work?

When you admit as an inpatient at Murdoch, you’ll find a special Room Service menu in your room. Depending on your nutrition requirements, this might be a special dietary option menu. You can browse the list of main meal, snacks and drinks options and when you’re ready to eat, call the number from your bedside or mobile phone and place your order.  

Your food will be delivered to your room shortly after. Don’t forget to order your barista coffee at any time using the same system! Yum!

If you need assistance to order or select your food, our Menu Monitors are available to help you in person or on the phone. If you have not ordered meals for a duration of time, our caregivers will be alerted and can assist you.

To view our menus visit

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