We know that when there is a family emergency, finding your way to an Emergency Department (ED) and knowing what to expect when you arrive can be stressful!
Let’s go behind-the-scenes at St John of God Murdoch Hospital to help you know what your ED visit will entail.

Entry and parking
Our ED is located on our campus, through the main entry off Barry Marshall Parade.
Nearby to the main hospital entrance you will find our ED, fitted with red signage.
There are emergency parking spaces as you approach and visitor parking is available nearby.

Initial assessment
Upon entry to the ED, you will see a triage station on your left. This is where a specialist emergency nurse, called a triage nurse will determine the severity of your condition by performing a brief initial assessment. If the triage nurse is already assessing a patient, you may be asked to be seated on a red chair in the waiting room.
When you are assessed by the triage nurse, they will assign you a category based on your condition.

Waiting room
You will be directed to wait on a grey chair until you are called through by a nurse. If your condition is critical you will be taken straight through to ED. Patient treatment is provided in order of medical priority, not in order of arrival. The most severe and life-threatening cases must and will be seen first. As a result, there may be delays for patients requiring less urgent medical treatment.

We understand that waiting can be frustrating and we will do everything we can to keep your wait to a minimum and keep you as comfortable as possible. It is important to let the triage nurse know if you feel your condition changes. If you decide prior to treatment that you wish to leave and seek treatment elsewhere, you are free to do so at any time. Please inform the triage nurse that you are leaving.

Inside ED
After being assessed by the triage nurse, you will be assessed by our caregivers, including a senior doctor and a nurse. You may experience some waiting times. This is due to investigations and interventions that take place during your stay in the department.
Some of these waiting times may include:
• blood tests
• X-ray / CT scan ultrasound / MRI
• intravenous medications
• intravenous fluid.
Our doctors and nurses will review you on a regular basis. Please make our caregivers aware if we have not addressed your main concerns.

What happens next
After assessment and intervention in the Emergency Department you may:
• be discharged
• require admission to the ED observation ward or to an inpatient ward in the hospital
• be transferred to another facility.

Fees, accounts and payment
As we are a private hospital, fees do apply. During the registration process, you will be informed about the expected out-of-pocket fee and what your health insurance will cover. If you do not consent to receive treatment, you may choose to seek alternative treatment at another
facility. Please discuss alternative options with the triage nurse before leaving.
Our clerical staff will provide detailed information about fees, accounts and payments, and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Additional fees may apply from external providers, such as pathology and medical imaging.

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