WAWFL players Matilda Husband, Bree Spencer and Rachael
Carder are all St John of God Murdoch Hospital theatres
caregivers, proving teamwork is important on and off the field.

With three WA Women’s Football league (WAWFL) players working
in the theatres at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, the ladies are
proving that teamwork is applicable both on and off the field.

Matilda Husband, Rachael Carder and Bree Spencer work hard
and train hard most days of the week.

All with an intense preseason training schedule and an incredibly
busy work agenda, each football player knows just how important
teamwork is.

Claremont Tigers WAWFL player and Scrub Scout Nurse Matilda
says communication in a team is key for a good outcome.
“Good communication on the field and in theatre are paralleled,
it’s always about the end game and each team member has an
important role to play,” she said.

“When you’re on the field it’s all about players communicating
effectively from different parts of the field, and this is the same
in theatre with all teams working together including surgeons,
nurses, recovery and anaesthetics.”

With the hospital currently operating at a high capacity, teamwork
is crucial in keeping surgeries running smoothly.

Piara Waters women’s football player and Theatre Orderly Rachael
says no one is ever left unassisted if they need support.

“The teamwork at Murdoch really stands out because you can
always rely on others if you have trouble or need help, no one is
ever left alone,” she said.

“It’s also great having the other girls who play WAWFL because we
can bond over it and talk about how we played on the weekend.”

Having three young, spirited women who work together and have
the same intense training schedule in their own time, shows the
commitment and morale needed in a busy hospital environment.

”It’s great to have the other women’s football players here because
they understand the pressures of training at a higher level while
working full time,” Matilda said.

“It’s also great to have something in common and everyone here
takes an interest which brings a sense of community – they get
really invested.”

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