Conception of a new rehabilitation system, led by Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Mark Hurworth, aims to revolutionise the precision and accuracy of recovery after knee injuries.

InfoTec cycle power meter, designed in conjunction with Verve Cycling Australia, creates individualised cycling rehabilitation programs which will reduce costs and enable remote recovery for patients who are unable to attend follow up appointments.

The concept focuses on evaluating lower limb muscle power and using this information to deliver personalised treatment programs before and after knee replacements.

The machine is a seated bike fitted with an InfoTec Power Meter, currently used in professional cycling. The pedals have automated resistance and pedal angles which ensure measurements are accurate.

Mr Hurworth said surgeons will have the ability to track patients progress and alter settings accordingly.

“Because the bike is connected to an app via Bluetooth, and therefore to the Cloud, we have the ability to track patient’s progress and the targets they may or may not be reaching. We are then able to change these targets in real time to support their recovery,”

The InfoTec bike will be a key support in the recovery of patients who can be monitored in the comfort of their homes, no matter the distance from hospital.

“Many people live far from hospital or struggle to make appointments due to transport difficulties. This technology will give these patients the ability to continue progressing their recovery without having to physically coming in,”

“The equipment is easily portable and transferrable from hospital to home use, as well as being an affordable and effective option for rehab,”

New technology in the InfoTec system will not only enable surgeons to measure recovery outcomes after a knee replacement or injury, but also propose intervention solutions to potentially avoid surgery in the right circumstance.

“InfoTec measures many variables better than any other technologies. We are able to clarify the grey zone of if and when surgery is required, how to complete a measureable non-operative program and how intervention correlates with outcome.”

St John of God Murdoch CEO Ben Edwards says the Infocrank technology is meeting a currently significantly unmet need in post-operative recovery to enhance long-term outcomes.

“InfoTec technology is an accurate, precise, portable and remotely accessible measurement system which will help our patients recover more effectively.”

The prospect clinical trial is taking place at St John of God Murdoch Hospital and will be conducted with 10 bikes, as a post-operative study for people who have undergone knee replacements.

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