Your endometriosis questions answered

Gynaecological specialist Dr Simon Clarke from Cove Medical answers our questions about endometriosis. What is endometriosis and why does it cause pain?Endometriosis is a progressive, chronic, oestrogen-dependent condition, in which cells similar to those that line the inner cavity [endometrium] of the uterus grow in locations outside the uterus. Most commonly this occurs in the … Continue reading Your endometriosis questions answered

Colonoscopies: are they really that bad?

Colonoscopy. It’s the dreaded procedure that most over 50’s should be having on a regular basis but it can be uncomfortable to talk about and even worse to schedule into your diary. It’s important to remember that the team at Murdoch’s endoscopy suite undertake many colonoscopies every day and are here to make you feel … Continue reading Colonoscopies: are they really that bad?