Colonoscopies: are they really that bad?

Colonoscopy. It’s the dreaded procedure that most over 50’s should be having on a regular basis but it can be uncomfortable to talk about and even worse to schedule into your diary. It’s important to remember that the team at Murdoch’s endoscopy suite undertake many colonoscopies every day and are here to make you feel … Continue reading Colonoscopies: are they really that bad?

Is dying painful? The truth about pain in the final stages of life

Many people fear that the process of dying is very painful, however new Australian research shows that our loved ones are not likely to suffer with severe pain at the end of life. A recent study of almost 19,000 Australian patients in the terminal phase of their illness, showed that more than 50% of patients … Continue reading Is dying painful? The truth about pain in the final stages of life

Ear Infections in Children: When To Seek Help

Middle ear infections (otitis media) are a very common reason for parents taking their children to the GP.   Paediatric Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon Dr George Sim from Kids-ENT says it’s quite common for children to have one or two ear infections a year that are not severe. “Children are more susceptible to … Continue reading Ear Infections in Children: When To Seek Help

Welcome to Inside Health

Inside this issue you will find information about bowel cancer, a leading cause of death in developing countries, including Australia. You will read how you can reduce your risk, as well as what to expect if you are diagnosed with bowel cancer. You will hear from one of our orthopaedic surgeons about hip replacements and the importance of rehabilitation for recovery, as well … Continue reading Welcome to Inside Health

The importance of rehabilitation

Nurse Unit Manager Mark Cook at the Specialist Rehabilitation Service at St John of God Mount Lawley Hospital shares his knowledge of the rehabilitation process after a hip replacement: Why is rehabilitation so important for recovery? Rehabilitation services may be offered to people with existing conditions, or those who are taking a little longer to recover from hip replacement surgery. The main … Continue reading The importance of rehabilitation