Managing pain

The World Health Organisation developed the analgesic ladder in 1986 to provide a framework for physicians to use when developing treatment plans for pain. The analgesic ladder helps medical practitioners prescribe the right medication for their patient’s pain. Starting with simple medications and adding strong pain medications allows the pain medications to work together for maximum benefit with the least side effects. Professor … Continue reading Managing pain

Letting go of pain

Many researchers have embarked on studies to better understand the nature of pain and the way our brains interpret it. To address the complex issues involved in managing pain, Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist Dr Tan stresses the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. “These days, we approach pain in a holistic way – we prescribe pain medications, certainly, but we work with other health … Continue reading Letting go of pain

Physio for pain relief

“Being relieved from pain is like being a captive set free,” says Ian Dowley, Director of Flex Physiotherapy, which specialises in treating upper limb, hand and wrist injuries. “Most people I see are experiencing some kind of pain and our role in treating pain begins with education.” Mr Dowley and his colleagues aim to help people understand their condition. The more fear … Continue reading Physio for pain relief