Restoring flow to bring rapid relief

From the age of about 40, men will start to develop changes associated with an enlarging prostate and may suffer from symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulty starting and a weak urine flow, urgency and incomplete bladder emptying. An enlarged prostate, known as a benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH), is a condition in which the prostate changes shape and size and narrows, blocking … Continue reading Restoring flow to bring rapid relief

For your comfort and wellbeing

If you are going into hospital for a procedure, chances are, you will meet an anaesthetist. Anaesthetists are doctors who specialise for a further five years on completion of their medical degrees. Anaesthetist and Director of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, Dr David Borshoff, says he and his colleagues … Continue reading For your comfort and wellbeing

What to eat after bowel surgery

There are a number diet changes that are advisable to make to quicken your recovery after surgery. Senior Dietitian Preeti Chauhan at St John of God Murdoch Hospital recommends: Reducing dietary fibre soon after surgery to allow your bowel to rest Reintroduce gradually fibre into your diet four to six weeks after surgery Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and spicy foods which may make stools … Continue reading What to eat after bowel surgery